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Looking for the best sleep of your life? You’ve come to the right place!

how to book a room

To keep our ambassadors free to help you at the hotel, we only take online bookings. This means phone or email bookings are not possible. By booking through our website, you will always find the best room rates and latest availability.

Reserving a room requires a valid credit card number. Payment can be made at the time of booking, or when you arrive at the hotel and check in.

Please note, our check-in is cashless - we accept only card payment for rooms. 

special rates

citizenM hotels always offer the best rates, not just during certain periods. You can find the best rates on our website.

When you are logged in as a citizen, you can automatically see our best rates:

1. citizens early bird - the lowest rate we have - but it cannot be modified or cancelled.

2. citizens flexible - our low rate for registered citizens - this reservation can be cancelled within policy.

toothbrush bookings

Congratulations on your Toothbrush! You can request your stay here. Don't forget to mention your Toothbrush number. We look forward to welcoming you!

gift vouchers

Currently, we don't offer gift vouchers for a stay at citizenM hotels. 

However, it is possible to give someone a stay. Simply book directly via our website using your credit card as usual. Choose the ‘free cancellation’ rate, so in the event the lucky recipient can’t come, you’ll be able to cancel without a penalty.