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Need to arrange your expenses? We're happy to help you out! 

When checking out via the kiosk, the invoice is automatically sent to the email address given at the time of booking.

Your invoice can be retrieved easily online via my bookings as well. Fill in your confirmation number and last name to view or download your invoice.

If you have a login with citizenM, and you created your booking using your login, you simply need to login at the citizenM website. Once logged in, click on your name and you can select my bookings.

Go to 'my bookings'.

Either login or fill your booking number and last name.

You can find the overview of your booking with 'print/save invoice' on the right, it will download your invoice in PDF format.


If there are any issues, contact us by clicking the chat icon at bottom right of the screen or send us an email if you’re not in a hurry.

split invoice

You can split your invoice (for example, to separate your business and private expenses) only before you check out. It is no longer possible after check out. Our ambassadors will help with this, just let them know when you arrive to check in.

pay for room

If you are in need of an invoice before the stay to take over the costs for your guest, please note we cannot send an invoice in advance, or accept third-party payments. However, you can pre-pay the stay online via my bookings. You will then receive payment confirmation by email. 

business address

A business address can easily be added during check-in or during the stay with an ambassadors present. If you have received your invoice without the necessary details on it, we will be happy to add these for you, just let us know the details by email.