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citizenM bed

XL king-size bed

Our gigantic beds are topped with heavenly mattresses, the finest luxurious Italian linen, and pillows fluffier than a baby duckling. They are ideal for enjoying all by yourself or sharing with another citizen. Two citizens max allowed per room. Sorry, no parties!

Not into the sport of climbing? Then you probably don’t want to climb over your companion in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. We have great news: our beds are square! When you finish watching TV, just move the pillows to the window side and you’re ready for climb-free snoozing.


Under the bed you will find a large drawer with plenty of space for all the shiny new clothes and souvenirs you got!

twin or extra beds

We don't offer rooms with twin beds or extra beds. Our rooms are precisely designed for maximum functionality, so there’s no space for additional beds.