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Our services are tailored for the modern traveller who crosses time zones the way others cross streets. No matter what time you arrive, enjoy 24-7 food and beverages at canteenM, superfast Wi-Fi, movies on demand, and much more.

wheelchair assistance

Most of our guests pre-arrange their own wheelchair service.

But if you need our help, please speak to an ambassador at the check-in kiosk. To arrange the service for you with our partner Axxicom, you will need to provide the name of the person who needs the wheelchair, flight number, time and date of pick-up. A representative from Axxicom will then wait in the lobby at the arranged time.

ironing heaven

There is an ironing heaven next to the elevators on each floor, except the 5th. If you are staying on the 5th floor, feel free to use the ironing heaven on any other floor. You’ll find an iron, water and ironing board in the ironing room. If you need any assistance, please ask an ambassador.

dry cleaning and laundry

Although we do not offer laundry service on site, it's not far away! The nearest supplier for dry cleaning services is located at the service point inside Schiphol Airport Arrivals Hall 3. Please ask one of our ambassadors for more details. 

luggage storage

We are pleased to offer free luggage storage for our guests on the day of arrival and departure. Ask an ambassador if you require this service.

For safety reasons, we can’t keep luggage at the hotel for longer periods, before arrival or after departure.

If you need a solution the longer term, luggage storage service is offered by Schiphol Airport and located between Arrivals Hall 1 and 2.


Superfast, unlimited and free Wi-Fi is available to all our guests, in every corner of the hotel and in every bedroom. Enjoy!


There is no gym at this hotel, but you don’t have to give up on fitness (unless you prefer to run a movie marathon in your humongous bed).

Connect your Apple or Android device to our smart TV, and stream your favourite online workout with the help of our superfast free Wi-Fi. Or, find our special mobile citizen fitness videos – cardio, yoga, or dance – on the TV and the MoodPad.

If you have any trouble connecting, please dial 0 to reach an ambassador.