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cancel booking

Not able to make it this time? Here is how you can cancel.

Bookings made on our website can also be cancelled on our website via my bookings.

Once you complete the cancellation, you will receive a confirmation email. Depending on the type of booking you made, the cancellation will be free of charge or not.

Logging in at my bookings, is very easy.

Fill the last name of the guest together with the confirmation number received.


You will find an overview of your booking together with the terms and conditions.

If 'today' is on the green bar, you can still cancel for free. If 'today' is on the red bar, you are not able anymore to cancel for free.

Bookings made via other channels (, Expedia, via Travelagent etc) than our website need to be cancelled with the channel itself. Please check your original confirmation email how to reach their customer service departments.

Non-Refundable reservations cannot be cancelled or modified.

In case of a cancellation or no-show charges will apply depending on the policy booked. The fee will be charged to the credit card used to guarantee the booking.

To receive an invoice for your cancelled booking please contact us by clicking the chat icon at bottom right of the screen to tell us about it right now, or send us an email if you’re not in a hurry.