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modify booking

Change of plans? Change of mind? Change of place? Let us know!

When you have booked a flexible rate on our website, you can modify your booking.

Just  contact us by clicking the chat icon at bottom right of the screen to tell us about it right now, or send us an email if you’re not in a hurry.

If booked a non-refundable booking you can only extend (add additional nights) to your booking. To extend or add an extra night to your booking please contact us as well.

When you have made the booking on a booking channel other than our website (, Expedia, via a travelagent etc.), you will need to contact the booking channel to make changes to your reservation. You are also able to book an extra night yourself and stay in the same room, just drop us a note on the booking.

Please note, you cannot cancel a non-refundable booking or modify a non-refundable booking to another date free of charge.

occupancy room

Have you booked the room for yourself, but now you want someone else to come along? No problem. Our prices are per room, not per number of guests, and the rooms are designed for a maximum occupancy of two people.

If you’d like to change the occupancy, you can easily do so at check-in. You can also add an extra breakfast at the same time. An ambassador will be there to help if you need assistance.

booking name change

When a booking is created for multiple rooms, most of the time, you can only add one guest name. This is not an issue at all. All guests can check in by using the booking number or last name given.

If you would like to have the guests name(s) changed, you can send us the correct names.