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room amenities

All the amenities you need, nothing you don't!


Wi-Fi is always free and always super fast! You can work, read, play games, or even watch your own YouTube or Netflix (in addition to our huge free movie selection). Like to surf on the loo or in the shower? Go ahead if your device is waterproof!


Megalomaniacs will love the innovative touchscreen MoodPad. It lets you control the entire hotel room, including television, window blinds, temperature, mood lighting, wake-up alarms and more, for an ambient room experience, all with the flick of a finger. And no worries, technophobes will also find switches for everything.


No, we don’t have a separate bathroom, and yes, your shower and toilet are in the middle of the room. But don’t worry, the walls are made of frosted glass so nothing will be on full show.

Still feeling a little naked? We have a curtain to divide the room from the bed if you need more privacy.

AM and PM shower gel

Our AM and PM shower gels are specially developed for citizenM by famous Amsterdam perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri (also known as ‘the Nose'), who responsible for creations by Comme des Garçons, Viktor & Rolf, and Helmut Lang. As the name suggests, the scents fit with your body clock, so you can smell fresh in the morning and alluring at night.

Can’t bear to go home without them? Ask one of our ambassadors how to get them.

hair dryer and the rest

You will find a powerful hair dryer hiding in the room (hint: it’s somewhere in the vicinity of the bathroom). For other needs, please contact our ambassadors. On request, we provide dental and shaving products, feminine hygiene supplies, ear plugs, shoe polishing and sewing kits, body lotion, hair conditioner and shower caps to keep your locks dry.

room with a view

The world’s a big, beautiful place – see more of it with our wall-to-wall windows (except in some converted properties). For safety reasons, our windows cannot be opened. From most of our rooms, you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the city (very Instagrammable!).


While our windows don’t open for safety and noise-insulation reasons, we keep them fresh with our continuous ventilation system. Feel free to adjust the temperature up or down using the MoodPad or wall switches.

kettle, coffee, tea

We know there is no such thing as a normally functioning human being without caffeine… get your fresh barista-brewed coffee (or tea) downstairs at canteenM, 24/7. We don’t have silly miniature kettles in the rooms. No instant coffee has ever matched the taste our baristas conjure up for you.

room size

Who knew so much cool stuff could fit into our compact rooms? All essentials and amenities are there: a bathroom for washing off jetlag, a desk with a cool Vitra chair for working and most importantly, our world-famous beds and flat-screen TVs. We’ve set up everything to be simple, convenient and really really good-looking. You could even swing a cat if you want to, but probably no more than one.

special occasions

Have a reason to celebrate? Whether there's a birthday, anniversary, or just because it's Wednesday, ask an ambassador how we can make your (or someone's) days extra special!

everything else

You will find a hair dryer hiding in the room. For other needs, please contact our ambassadors. We also offer a dental, shaving, feminine hygiene, ear plugs, shoe polishing, sewing kit, body lotion & conditioner or shower cap if you need to keep your locks dry.