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Want to catch up on new releases or binge watch your favourite shows in bed? We’ve got it all, and it’s free!

free of charge

Our movies and TV are completely free (just like our Wi-Fi), and there will be no record of them on your bill. 

adult movies

Our adult movies are completely free of charge, and won't show up on your bill, promise! 

Need to put a parental lock on the XXX? Just dial 0 (zero) to ask an ambassador.

apple and android airplay

To watch your own movies or Netflix from your Apple device, connect to the Wi-Fi network cMairplay2tv, and enter the username and password displayed on your iPhone or iPad. Make sure you choose the big Airplay logo, so the content streams properly to the TV.

For Android, select Miracast from the MoodPad or TV menu, and follow the instructions on the TV screen.

If you need any assistance, please dial 0 (zero) on the room phone to reach an ambassador.