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We only had enough space for the hotel and couldn’t accommodate our guests’ vehicles. Here are some suggestions on where you could park your car (with charge):

Outdoor parking near the hotel 

Taipei Main Station underground parking

location and related information

1. Address: Taipei City Zhongxiao West Road, No. 47 B2 (Eslite Station before the underground street K area).

2. Lane entrance: Taipei Station East 3 and South 1 Junction

3. Nearby landmarks: Taipei Railway Station, MRT Taipei Station, High Speed ​​Railway Station, Shin Kong Station, Shinjuku Mitsukoshi Station, Uniform Meta Hall, Station Downhill Street, Eslite Underground Street, Breeze Taipei Station, NOVA.

4. Service Tel: +886 (02) 2375 7705

5. Service Hours: 24 hours service
Rate calculation (limited to car)