our mission

The citizenMovement Foundation: mobilising citizens to help shorten the distance between people and opportunities.

We thought beyond our doors. We thought about what really makes us who we are. And the thing that defines citizenM is motion. We never stop planning, dreaming and discovering. It’s even in our name – citizenM stands for ‘citizen mobile’. From here, it was only a short jump to calling our charity The citizenMovement Foundation. And the charity’s goal? To use the combined goodwill of citizenM staff and guests to make movement possible, and to shorten the distance between people and opportunities by giving the gift of mobility.

That’s why the first charity organisation we partnered with was World Bicycle Relief and their BEEP initiative (Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Program). In 2018, we officially committed to support WBR with 1,000 bikes. We reached this goal and by the end of the year, we proudly donated a total amount of €169,379 to WBR (1,000 bikes). In 2019, we raised funds through even higher housekeeping savings and hosted our second fundraising cycling event from Paris to Rotterdam. Overall, we donated €445,395 funding 2,737 bikes in Malawi and Kenya.

This, together with other initiatives, gives citizenMovement greater opportunity to support WBR. A bicycle means better attendance, improved academic performance and a higher chance of staying in school. What took hours on foot can now be completed in minutes, thanks to WBR. And while we are big believers in this great cause, we think giving to charity should be simple. Look below for ways you can make a difference.

In the future, we’ll partner with more organisations that share our values and passion for changing the world through the gift of mobility.