We want to have a positive influence on this world in which we are simply guests.

Socially conscious investors will find our Environmental and Social Governance policies progressive and meaningful.

We work hard to minimise our environmental impact and maximise our social impact.

We want to influence positive change in the world where we are simply guests, by inspiring people to rethink the way they act so they can achieve their personal best.

sustainable building labels

citizenM is kind to the planet.

We apply the latest energy efficient technologies and systems in the construction of all our new hotels.

We require BREEAM-NC Excellent or LEED-BD+C Gold accreditation, with a goal of achieving Outstanding or Platinum rating, respectively. With redevelopments or existing buildings, we aim to achieve Very Good or Silver ratings, respectively.

charity - citizenMovement

Mobilising citizens to help shorten the distance between people and opportunities.

Helping our fellow global citizens be as mobile as possible is a big part of everything we do, in particular through our charity, citizenMovement. We think up fun (often sweaty) ways of raising even more funds.

We involve our guests in our initiatives by giving them the option to skip their room cleaning, and donating the money saved to initiatives for better mobility in developing countries. Much of this goodness happens before it’s time for canteenM breakfast.


citizenM’s finest asset is the people.

citizenM wants to do right for everyone we call ‘citizens’. These are our guests, employees and partners; good citizens who know we are not just another company.

We set clear rules, covering everything from workplace harassment and whistleblowing, to equal opportunities and human rights. Our citizenM rules help us protect our unique culture and values, and create an exemplary working environment for all.

esg report 2019

You can read more about our approach to ESG in our report which can be found by clicking on the button below.

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GRI index

We aligned our report to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), please on click on the button below to see our GRI index.

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