management team

Call us supporters, not managers.

citizenM is centered around delivering a truly amazing guest experience. Our ambassadors should be able to do their job without unnecessary distractions. So we put them in charge and made sure the rest of the company is there to support them. This reverse thinking is as bottom-up as we could possibly think of, and it’s so simple, it works!

citizenM’s support offices in Voorschoten, NL, and New York, USA, house our operations, finance, sales, and marketing teams. This is where we set up the hotels for success, and where all the thinking, connecting, building, crafting, plotting, planning, experimenting and making happens. Phew! From finding the perfect spot for our next venture, to testing the latest tech for rooms, our support offices enable mobile citizens to enjoy our very creative hotels.

management team
citizenM is a hotel driven by one desire: to create affordable luxury for the people.
These are the people at the helm.

Rattan Chadha

Executive Chairman & Founder

Klaas van Lookeren Campagne

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Levie

Chief Operations Officer

Jurriaan Nienaber

interim Chief Financial Officer

Martijn Schaafsma

interim Chief Financial Officer

Robin Chadha

Chief Marketing Officer

Lennert de Jong

Chief Commercial Officer

Mike Rawson

Chief Information Officer

Michael Reiner

Director of Operations

Harold Reniers

Chief Development Officer

Annemieke Wachter

HR Director & ESG Officer

Hein Bijl

Legal Director

Meindert Jan Tjoeng

Managing Director Development & Investment EU & Asia

Ernest Lee

Managing Director Development & Investments, North America

Teus van Hoek

Managing Director Hotel Property Management

Claudia Abt

Managing Director Design & Technical Services Global