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citizenM Amstel Amsterdam hotel

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      1. your superpower returns in the shower


      Whatever that superpower may be! We know life feels fresher when you do, so go ahead and lather up. But we recommend adding at least 5 extra minutes to your splash time - it's so rejuvenating, you may find it difficult to get out. Once you do, the world's most luxurious towels are waiting.

  • Guest cuddling a pillow of the citizenM bed
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      1. no other bed measures up to ours


      In fact, once you climb on board, you may never want to leave. The perfect mattress, the mega-soft pillows, the duvet that hugs you just right... and then there's the space - XL king-size. Perfect for starfishes sleeping solo, or for sharing.

  • guests using the tablet in the citizenM hotel room
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      1. why is your room iPad called a MoodPad?


      Because it adapts the room to your mood, that's why! Choose movies, relaxing, romance or party, and change the ambiance with one touch. Oh, that's not all. Blinds, curtains, temperature,TV channels, wake-up alarms... yep, all on the MoodPad. The only thing it won't do is cook your breakfast (but that's ok, we cook it downstairs).

  • Guest using the shower gel and soap from citizenM
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      1. full size shower gel for human size citizens


      Mini toiletries are nice, but for mini humans taking mini showers. We give you - human size citizen - full size bottles of our famous AM and PM shampoo/shower gel. Why is it famous? It's a bestseller at our collectionM gift shop. Oh and the scents were created by none other than Alessandro Gualtieri, the nose everyone knows. Ahhhh.

citizenM says: of all the rooms in Amsterdam, you walked into ours

And what a good choice it is! You get absolutely nothing you don't need (towel swan, anyone?). What you do get (and need) is ultra-awesome. A bed so enormous, it feels like a yacht. Shower so powerful, it will chase away a thousand-mile fatigue. Superfast unlimited free Wi-Fi, so you don't have to choose between sharing photos or streaming Netflix. Free movies - because (movie) marathons are great. You won't even have to get out of bed to close the blinds or change the temperature. The MoodPad does it with one touch.


Amstel Amsterdam hotel




citizenM Amstel Amsterdam hotel
Sarphatistraat 47
1018EW Amsterdam


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      1. design you can sit on


      You could go to a museum to see an Eames chair. Or you could come to the living room in our hotel in Amsterdam and actually sit on one. Our partner Vitra fills our living rooms with some of the coolest furniture on the planet. Lounge, work, sprawl, take a picture... it's your living room, we're just furnishing it.

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      1. books that beg to be browsed


      We love big books and we cannot lie! We've got stacks of them in the living room, and not just for decor. Go ahead, pick something - and if you love it, some of our books are available for sale at collectionM, or at Mendo, our cool bookstore partner. Put your feet up and read up. We love it when you do.

  • Art in livingroom citizenM Amstel Amsterdam
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      1. art for people in motion


      We know what it's like: your schedule doesn't often say 'art time'. So, we made it 'art time' all the time. You just never know who you'll see on our walls: Warhol, Opie, Titchner, or AVAF? All available for selfies, by the way. Take a moment to wander around the living room of our Amsterdam city hotel to spot our choice pieces. Don't forget to look at the walls, floor and ceiling. We put art there too.

  • iMacs aan de koffietafel gratis wifi bij citizenM Amstel Amsterdam Vitra meubilair
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      1. free Wi-Fi, free iMacs, free your mind


      Where you work is just as important as how you work. Let us take care of the 'where' part! In the living room, we designated a quieter area for deep thinkers (and those who need an iMac). But, if you get your best ideas while reclining, or when you know wine is within an arm's reach (at canteenM), then go ahead. All working citizens are welcome, all the time.

  • guest checking into Amsterdam Amstel citizenM
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      1. things that take a minute to do


      12 push-ups, send a text to tell someone you love them, eat an apple, check-in at citizenM Amstel Amsterdam hotel. Nothing should stand between you and your room, not even a reception desk with uniformed staff and forms to fill out. Our self-check-in kiosks were made for people in motion. Pssst, you can also check in online, it's even faster.

citizenM says: we want you to feel at home, so here's a living room

Lobby, what lobby? You won't find one here. Instead, we have a living room, filled with designer furniture by Vitra, hundreds of books, real art on the walls, and TVs where you control the channels. Feel free to sprawl, read, watch, work... and if you need a cocktail, the bar is right in the middle.





business and leisure


minute walk to trams and metro


minutes walk to Amsterdam Old Town


major attractions nearby

  • Guest having breakfast at citizenM Amstel Amsterdam with juice
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      1. we're bringing (sexy) breakfast back

      What's a sexy breakfast? It's a choice eggstravaganza! Hot croissants, cool yogurts, sweet jams, perfect bacon... shall we go on? One glance at our sexy breakfast and you'll know we take it seriously. We start at 6.00 AM to make sure all the early birds are satisfied, and finish at 11.00 AM in perfect sync with check-out time. Enjoy!

  • Guest having lunch and reading a book at citizenM
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      1. stuff yourself silly at lunchtime


      Home is where the lunch is - that's the fridge! Roll up to canteenM and grab anything you like, just like at home. Eat in or take out, or take it to your room. Or are you arriving right in time for dinner? Feel free to treat our living room like your own dining room - if your dining room had a fab menu, and a full bar with a mixologist, that is.

  • Ambassador stirring a cocktail at the bar of citizenM Amsterdam Amstel
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      1. you make us wanna shout (and shake, and stir, and mix)


      It's indisputable: cocktails are as important to us as fluffy pillows. Our cocktails can make a bad day good, and an amazing day even better! Roll up to the bar and ask us to make something special. Prepare to be impressed at our central Amsterdam hotel.

citizenM says: some like it hot, some like it cold, all like it 24/7

All mobile citizens, that is! As a traveller, you soon discover breakfast doesn't always happen in the morning, and a cappuccino at 3.00 AM can help re-tune your body clock. That's why we don't tell you when to eat - you tell us! canteenM serves food and drinks 24/7. Always with a smile.

There’s probably a Michelin-starred restaurant somewhere in this town… but if you don’t have time to go there, we have the next best thing!
Click to see your citizenM menu.


pitch like CEO

even if you aren't one, in a meeting room that doesn't look like one


meeting rooms


to write on


for your devices, post-its for your doodles

  • creative meeting room Amstel Amsterdam citizenM, drinks included

citizenM says: can you plan the future in a room designed in 1981?

We say no! You can't inspire (or be inspired) in a room with beige walls, fluorescent lights, and lumpy chairs. Our creative meeting spaces in Amsterdam have luxury furniture by Vitra, plenty of daylight, art and interesting objects for decor, and all the tech you need to connect to every participant, even if they are on the other side of the globe. Oh, there's also free unlimited coffee, tea, water and stationery. Catering is available on request for AM, PM and all-day food packages (with snacks!). And, of course, enjoy our superfast free Wi-Fi, always. Now, the future is yours.


no office?

buy our €15 working day pass zero membership, zero commitment, all smarts


your day pass at the bar when you arrive


fast Wi-Fi, free water, anytime working hours


a private meeting room at a special rate

  • working space at Amstel Amsterdam

citizenM says: canal-side working without the tour boats

Calling all Amsterdam business nomads (visitors and residents)! If you are in perpetual search of a new place to work in Amsterdam, we might just have the perfect designer chair (couch?) for you. Our working day pass is just €15 for:  

  • anytime working hours
  • superfast unlimited Wi-Fi
  • water with unlimited free refills at the bar
  • meeting room at a discounted hourly rate (if available)
  • b&w printing (just log onto our iMac, but no debut novels please)
  • just walk in and get your day pass at the bar

Perfect your pitch, have a meeting, then hop onto the metro from Weesperplein and Amsterdam is yours. It’s what we call a good day’s work.