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citizenM Amsterdam Airport hotel


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Review by AlexxA2
2 weeks and 1 day ago

“Best hotel, and the best view ever”
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Review by lyeskhacef
1 week and 6 days ago

“I usually don't put reviews, but...”
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  • Overview of the hotel room in citizenM's hotel at Schiphol Airport
    • 1

      1. citizenM says: the world’s a big, beautiful place – see more of it with our wall-to-wall windows


      The citizenM bed is a gigantic 2 metres by 2 metres with the finest luxurious Italian linen and pillows fluffier than a baby duckling and is ideal for sharing or enjoying all by yourself. But only 2 citizens max allowed per room, so sorry - no parties.

  • Guest using the tablet in the hotel room of citizenM Schiphol Airport
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      1. citizenM says: the journey’s more important than the destination – except when the destination is a boutique hotel with free movie channels and free Wi-Fi


      Megalomaniacs will love our innovative tablet the MoodPad. It lets you control the entire room, including TV, window blinds, temperature, coloured lighting, and wakeup alarm themes all from the comfort of your XL bed. No more messing around in your underpants trying to work out the room controls or how to switch the lights off.

  • Power rain shower in citizenM Schiphol Airport hotel
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      1. citizenM says: showers with magic jet lag healing powers


      The citizenM rain shower has been specially designed to wash away even the harshest jet lag from the longest-haul traveller. So if you've just stepped off a never ending flight, and you're not sure if it's morning, afternoon or the middle of the night, you'll feel fresh as a daisy and wide awake like you've just had the best night's sleep of your life – that’s luxury hotels for you. There's even citizenAM and citizenPM shower/shampoo for day or night. Specially developed by the talented noses responsible for creations by Comme des Garçons, Viktor & Rolf and Helmut Lang to trick you into believing it's daytime (or night time).

citizenM says: heaven is a high-pressure shower after a thousand-mile flight

The citizenM room has affordable luxury coming out of its ears, including:

  • XL king size, super comfy bed
  • the softest, fluffiest pillows known to mankind
  • ambient mood lighting
  • wall-to-wall window
  • blackout blind
  • rain shower for washing away jet lag
  • free movies
  • free Wi-Fi for Facebooking all your snaps
  • international plug system

Absolutely no trouser presses, bellboys, towel swans, or pillow chocolates


Amsterdam Airport hotel




citizenM Schiphol Airport hotel
Jan Plezierweg 2
Schiphol, NL, 1118 BB


please visit our support pages for our contact details

parking? here 

  • Couch in the living room of citizenM Schiphol Airport hotel
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      1. citizenM says: stylish design just begging to be lounged around on


      There’s a living room kitted out for every occasion - whether you want to work, relax, eat or meet friends. The living rooms also have free iMacs to work and Facebook on, as well as free Wi-Fi throughout hotel for you to thoroughly abuse. You’ll probably find that ours are the most modern, hyper-connected hotels Amsterdam – and the rest of the world - has to offer.

  • Self-service check-in kiosks at citizenM Schiphol Airport
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      1. citizenM says: we have super speedy self service check-in. apologies to those who love queuing


      We offer all citizens a super speedy, easy peasy, self-check-in service using touch screen terminals. Multilingual, friendly and helpful citizenM ambassadors are around to assist 24 hours a day. No queues. No unnecessary hold-ups. No big awkward check-in desk and no desk bell (that means there’s nothing to ring).

  • Ambassador helping a guest at the bar in citizenM's hotel at Schiphol Airport
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      1. citizenM is 4mins walk (or 6mins of hopping) from Schiphol Airport departure gate 3


      Your RFID room key doubles as a luggage tag. Use it for your stuff, and save it for the next time you stay with us. Genius. check in: From 14.00 - early check in is possible upon availability, at an additional fee of €29.00. check out: Until 11.00 - late check out is possible, at an additional fee of €39.00. citizenM hotels have staff available 24 hours a day. We call them Ambassadors. They are there to assist you and are always present in the lobby. And they are all lovely, with fantastic hair.

citizenM says: always travel with an open mind – and a toothbrush

On the ground floor you’ll find contemporary living rooms, full of stylish design and furnished with the latest collections of iconic Vitra furniture for lounging around on.





minute check-in/out


hour food & drinks


cost for Wi-Fi


minutes' walk to Schiphol

  • Hotel bar at citizenM's hotel at Amsterdam Airport
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      1. citizenM says: our coffee turns grumpy sleepyheads into sweet human beings again


      If you are in a hurry to catch your flight, you can choose from different options including a fresh croissant, orange juice, muesli, yoghurt, fruit, and fresh barista-brewed coffee. If you're not in a hurry take your time and enjoy every last mouthful of the belly-busting full hot breakfast. Sorry, canteenM doesn’t offer a traditional buffet. Check the reservations page for details.

  • Breakfast area at citizenM Schiphol Airport
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      1. citizenM says: enjoy a nice long lunch. The galleries and shops will wait


      canteenM offers a choice of signature sandwiches, salads, sushi, warm dishes and more. There's an assortment of beverages and fresh coffee, available 24/7 and served with a smile whatever the time of day.

  • Guests having drinks at the bar in citizenM Schiphol Airport
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      1. citizenM says: cocktails. Makes the dullest conversations more interesting


      In the evening, the 24hr hotel bar offers spirits, expertly mixed cocktails, champagne and fresh draught beer.

  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
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      1. Find out more about Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and what to do when you are there (in case of a blizard)

      Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is a world on its own. Click here to find out everything about it.

citizenM says: Eat what you want, when you want

CanteenM is open 24/7. So if your jet lag is telling you to have lunch at midnight or dinner first thing in the morning, go for it.

What's more, canteenM is designed to feel like a comfy, cosy and homely open kitchen. A place where the coffee is always brewing, the pastries always fresh and flaky, and the sushi and sarnies are always tempting.

So grab a seat and make yourself at home, whatever time zone you're on.

Menus made for mobile citizens – delicious, nutritious, served fast. Click here to see the good food at citizenM.


bye boredom

hello meetings with style, inspiration, superstrong Wi-Fi and unlimited coffee


meeting rooms


and all day times available


online in 5 easy clicks

  • Creative meeting space at citizenM Schiphol Airport
  • Meeting rooms at Schiphol Airport in the citizenM hotel
  • Meeting space in the citizenM Amsterdam Airport hotel

citizenM says: the most unbusiness-like business hotel you’re likely to do business in

Whether you need to hideaway with a new idea and scribble on the walls, or conduct business abroad with colleagues, our meeting rooms can hold between 1 and 14 people, all boardroom style.

When booking, you have the choice between six meeting spaces to suit your needs.


hey, busy bee

need a temporary place to work?
buy €15 working day pass to our living room


anytime you want


always as fast as a flying superhero


booking in advance, just buy at the bar

  • 3 men working in schipol hotel

citizenM says: you deserve better than airport chairs (and airport coffee)

Hey, busy bee! You are just a 4-minute walk (or 6-minute moonwalk) from the perfect workspace at Schiphol to land your laptop.
Introducing citizenM working day pass – just €15 per day. Enjoy freedom from the airport chairs, plus all of the following:

  • anytime working hours
  • superfast unlimited Wi-Fi
  • water with unlimited free refills at the bar
  • meeting rooms at a discounted hourly rate (if available)
  • b&w printing (just log onto our iMac, but no debut novels please)
  • just walk in and get your day pass at the bar

All perks, zero commitment. Who says you can’t get high-altitude ideas while you’re on the ground?



If none of these answer your question why not try check our full FAQ page

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    Unfortunately, citizenM Amsterdam Schiphol Airport hotel does NOT offer car parking on the hotel grounds.…
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  • check-out
    We know you don’t want to leave that ultra-comfortable bed, but check-out time is 11.00 AM. late check-out…
  • breakfast
    breakfast newsAt a time when world travellers understandably worry about the spread of coronavirus,…