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citizenM Copenhagen Radhuspladsen hotel


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“Loved it”
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“Perfect stay. Perfect.”
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  • Hotel room of citizenM's hotel in Copenhagen
    • 1

      1. citizenM says: beds big enough for every type of dreamer

      Sleep like royalty in our XL, king-size beds. How large is that, exactly? It’s large enough to do yoga, have a pillow fight, or sleep like a starfish. And that’s just the mattress! A citizenM bed is topped with a soft duvet that hugs you perfectly, and pillows as fluffy as a perfect soufflé. No matter what you get up to during the day, you’ll have a sublime sleep at night in one of our enormous beds.

  • citizenM in-room tablet
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      1. citizenM says: everything is at your fingertips with the MoodPad

      You don’t have to get out of your lovely, amazing, huge citizenM bed to do anything in the room. Our small but mighty MoodPad needs a mere touch to dim the lights, close the blinds, change the temperature, set an alarm, or start a movie. Ok, so the MoodPad won’t polish your shoes or flush the toilet. We’re working on it. In the meantime, stay in bed.

  • citizenM shower
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      1. citizenM says: our power shower is the best thing to happen to power ballads since the 1980s

      We know the power of the shower. It’s the best start and end to the day, whether you’ve been digging in the mud, filing paperwork, or hopping across continents. Step in, switch on, and lather up with a generous helping of citizenM AM or PM shower gel. Tiny bottles? Never. It’s all luxury size. Some guests have been known to take a few showers in a row, they love our products that much.

citizenM says: we dared to be different from everyone else. Result: affordable luxury.

Meet the hotel not afraid to put bold style, world’s fluffiest pillows and technology exactly where you want it: in your room. Our beds are so big, they could be boats. Our strong steamy showers beat jet lag at 3.00 AM or 8.00 PM. Our Wi-Fi is fast, free and unlimited, always. So are our whole movie libraries. And you’ll be the boss of it all, with a MoodPad in your hand to control your entire room. The only thing the MoodPad won’t do is polish your shoes. We’re working on it.


Copenhagen Radhuspladsen hotel




citizenM Copenhagen Radhuspladsen hotel

H.C. Andersens Boulevard 12
1553 Copenhagen


Please visit our support pages for our contact details

  • Part of the hotel lobby of citizenM Copenhagen Radhuspladsen
    • 1

      1. citizenM says: feel at home, even if your home is 5,000 miles away


      At home, you do your living and entertaining in the living room, and sleeping in the bedroom. At citizenM, you can do exactly the same. There’s no lobby here, but a design-filled living room kitted out in the best of Vitra furniture. Pick a couch, grab a book, change the TV channel, order a cocktail. You can even invite your friends to come over. Welcome to your home away from home. 

  • Living room of citizenM Copenhagen Radhuspladsen
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      1. citizenM says: enjoy a hotel that’s more pop than classical


      Art that blends into walls? Not here! At citizenM, a blank wall is a wasted opportunity, and a pastel landscape is really not us. We’re into crazy, colourful, thought-provoking stuff. Art that looks good in selfies and makes you want to take it home. Our hotels are positively packed with it, and we promise Copenhagen will be too. 

  • A part of the hotel lobby with iMacs in the citizenM hotel near Radhuspladsen in Copenhagen
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      1. citizenM says: master the master plan with a little help from our superfast Wi-Fi


      For all the movers and shakers in motion, we are throwing open the doors to the coolest office you’ve ever worked in: our living room. We set aside a space to help your brainstorms flow freely, and we packed it with free iMacs, added a free printer, and of course – free Wi-Fi. Now all you have to find is some free time to come up with the next world-changing idea.

  • Self-service kiosks to check in to the citizenM Copenhagen hotel
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      1. citizenM says: queueing, form filling, boring small talk. Who has time for that?


      When you’re on the go, nothing should stand in your way. Not paperwork, not a queue of people, not a personalised tour you didn’t ask for. At citizenM, mobile citizens arrive and leave in a flash, thanks to superfast one-minute self check-in, and even faster check-out. So whatever your direction (upstairs to the bedroom, or outside to the big city), you’ll be on the move in no time at all.

citizenM says: art and culture are as important as fluffy pillows and exceptionally comfy beds

Some things in life should be done quickly, and others slowly. Your hotel arrival? That should be fast. At citizenM it takes just one minute, to be exact. Drop off your bags in the bedroom and come down to the living room. The couches are yours for lounging and the TV channels yours for changing. Browse through our incredible books, gaze at the specially commissioned art, marvel at all the Vitra furniture. And if work just won’t leave you alone, we set aside a space especially for you and your laptop. No laptop? Our free Macs are waiting. In other words, feel right at home. The only difference is, you probably don’t have your own barista.





minutes' walk from Copenhagen Central Station


movies & Wi-Fi always


minutes' walk to Tivoli Gardens


minutes' train to Copenhagen Airport

  • canteenM in citizenM Copenhagen
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      1. citizenM says: a good day is what happens between good cups of coffee


      And whether your day runs from 9 to 5, or from 7 to 3, it makes no difference to us – we brew our best 24/7 with a smile! You won’t find a single packet of instant coffee anywhere at citizenM. We are big believers in the big power of perfectly roasted beans, and in flavour so deep, you practically feel it in your toes as soon as you take the first sip. There is a barista on stand-by to make your espresso, your americano, and your cappuccino anytime you want one. Have a good day.

  • canteenM breakfast area at citizenM's Copenhagen Radhuspladsen hotel
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      1. citizenM says: some have breakfast of champions. We have breakfast of citizens.


      Or should we say, the favourite breakfast of citizens? Our approach is simple: something for everyone. If your day just doesn’t start right without a heaped plate of eggs and bacon, then we’ll make sure it does. Or perhaps it’s a scrumptious, flaky, hot croissant with a nice slice of cheese that really rings in the morning. Or if you are a fruit-and-yoghurt fan, there’s lots of that too. Add a cup of our delicious coffee, and you are ready to conquer the city you woke up in.

  • lunch at canteenM in citizenM
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      1. citizenM says: lunch is a habit we like to encourage in all citizens


      It really matters to us who makes your lunch. Why? Because if they love what they do, you’ll likely love it too. So we carefully pick nice, local suppliers to deliver nice, local sandwiches, salads, warm meals, lemonade and more. It’s all fresh, made with care, and the only way it can be improved is with a nice bottle of local craft beer. You deserve a great lunch. Come on over and get it.

  • bartender of citizenM creating a cocktail behind the bar
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      1. citizenM says: our drinks menu is positively swashbuckling


      It has swagger. It has adventure. It has surprises. It has to be seen to be believed. In fact, our cocktails are nearly as famous as our humongous beds (truly, nothing quite measures up to those). When our ambassadors don their mixologist caps, expect bubbles, fizz and maybe even fireworks. One thing’s for sure: your spirits will be lifted.

citizenM says: a kitchen just like at home, except ours has a smiling barista 24/7

You know what it’s like at home: food is within your reach anytime you want. Sandwich at 3 AM? A cool craft beer at 1 PM? You go and get it. Feel free to do the same at canteenM. We have world travellers arriving at all hours of day and night, with hungers big and small from all time zones. We won’t tell you when to eat, because the choice is yours. We will simply present our best selection of, well… everything! Snacks and drinks, fruit and sandwiches, it’s all here.

Menus made for mobile citizens – delicious, nutritious, served fast. Click here to see the good food at citizenM. 


bye boredom

hello meetings with style, inspiration, superstrong Wi-Fi and unlimited coffee


meeting rooms


unlimited coffee, tea, water


for your devices, post-its for your doodles

  • Creative meeting room in citizenM Copenhagen hotel

citizenM says: shirts, stilettos or ski suits? Do business your way in the city’s least boring boardrooms.

Welcome to societyM - four brilliantly bright meeting rooms at citizenM Copenhagen Radhuspladsen. Think superfast free Wi-Fi (for quick-fire thinking), colourful designer furniture, walls to write on (for ideas too big to fit on a piece of paper), all the tech essentials, and enough coffee to keep you inspired (and your brain fired up) all day long. Or at least until it’s time for a celebratory craft cocktail at our canteenM bar...


business nomads

park your laptop here for a day for just 125DKK


at the bar on the day, no reservations needed


a private meeting room at a special rate


superfast for supersmart brainstorming

  • working space in Copengahen hotel

citizenM says: the city of beautiful design just got itself a beautifully designed workplace

Hej, business nomad! We thought of you and your need for a working space in Copenhagen when we built our ultra-cool living room with views over City Hall Square. Just 125DKK buys you all this:

  • anytime working hours
  • superfast unlimited Wi-Fi
  • water with unlimited free refills at the bar
  • meeting rooms at a discounted hourly rate (if available)
  • b&w printing (just log onto our iMac, but no debut novels please)
  • just walk in and get your day pass at the bar

citizenM Copenhagen Radhuspladsen is just a 7-minute walk from Copenhagen Central Station. Do you have a brainstorming partner? Invite them too, our couches are perfect for sharing.