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citizenM London Bankside hotel


stay at citizenM London Bankside and always enjoy 10% off 


on room, spend on cocktails

Review by lidyawaletibrahim1

“Incredible experience.”
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Review by Suzanne-Lizette

“Wonderful Experience!”
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  • citizenM room London Bankside Hotel
    • 1

      1. citizenM says: heaven is a high-pressure shower after a thousand-mile flight


      The citizenM rain shower has been specially designed to wash away even the harshest jet lag from the longest-haul traveller. So, if you've just stepped off a long flight, and you're not sure if it's morning, afternoon or the middle of the night, you'll feel fresh as a daisy and wide awake like you've just had the best night's sleep of your life. How many hotels in central London can say that about their showers?

    • 2

      2. Shampoo. Hooray


      There's even citizenAM and citizenPM shower gel/shampoo designed to reinvigorate you in the mornings, and help you wind down at night. Specially developed by the talented noses responsible for creations by Comme des Garçons, Viktor & Rolf and Helmut Lang, our lotions and potions have been developed to help the weary traveller wake up in the mornings, and chill out in the evenings. Hotels in London haven't seen anything like this.

  • Overview of the hotel room in citizenM London Bankside
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      1. citizenM says: try not to get lost on our very big beds


      The citizenM bed is a gigantic 2 metres by 2 metres, complete with the finest luxurious Italian linen and pillows fluffier than a baby duckling. It’s ideal for sharing, and perfect for sprawling out on when you’re travelling alone. Only 2 citizens max allowed per room though, so no parties.

    • 2

      2. citizenM says: Kettles. The enemy of the hot beverage drinker

      They make bad coffee and terrible tea. They make your room look ugly. They are against freedom for man and womankind (ok, we made that one up). We at citizenM want you to always enjoy beautiful coffee and amazing tea. That's why there's no kettles in our rooms. In fact using the 'k' word is banned on the premises.

      So instead every canteenM contains trained baristas, who will take great pleasure in making you the best hot beverage you've ever had. Goodbye kettles, your boiling days are over.

  • Guest eating crisps and controlling the in-room tablet
    • 1

      1. citizenM says: everything is at your fingertips with the room controller gadget thing


      Tablet mood pad: the touch-screen tablet lets you control your room, including the television, window blinds, temperature, ambient coloured lighting, wake-up alarm themes and more. 

citizenM says: where style and affordability get it on together

Of all the hotels in London you won’t find anything that comes close to the cool design features in our unique rooms. Our rooms have been specially designed to give you all the things you want for free, and none of the things you don't. Here’s what to expect from your stay at our Bankside hotel in London:

  • XL king-sized, super comfy bed
  • wall-to-wall window
  • rain shower for washing away that jet lag
  • free movies
  • free Wi-Fi for Facebooking all your snaps

Absolutely no trouser presses, bellboys, or stupid pillow chocolates.


London Bankside hotel




citizenM London Bankside hotel

20 Lavington Street
London SE1 0NZ


please visit our support pages for our contact details

parking? here

  • citizenM stylish living room free wifi
    • 1

      1. citizenM says: why pay for an ugly hotel when you can pay less for a stylish Central London hotel


      The shelves in citizenM’s living room-style lobby are filled with amazing books in the fields of photography, fashion, travel and design curated by the world's best book shop, MENDO. You can buy books and take them home in your hand luggage, or have them shipped anywhere in the world, ready to read when you arrive home.

    • 2

      2. Vitra design furniture


      Vitra - treat your backside to luxury designer furniture, whilst flicking though an inspiring book from MENDO.

  • citizenM London design
    • 1

      1. citizenM says: designed around smart, good looking, successful people like yourself


      The lobby is designed to function as your living room. These contemporary, luxury living spaces – equipped with Vitra furniture – are ideal for resting, meeting, watching television or working in. Of all our boutique hotels, London Bankside is one of the comfiest.

    • 2

      2. Relax, work and socialise


      Relax, work, and socialise in our luxurious living room-style lobby. It’s the perfect place to get some work done or just chill out with friends.

  • art and design in citizenM London Bankside hotel
    • 1

      1. citizenM says: art and culture are as important as fluffy pillows and exceptionally comfy beds


      Unlike other hotels in Southwark and London's city centre, citizenM has a strong focus on contemporary art (we're just a short hop from the Tate Modern). We even have the words "Another World Is Possible", spoken by Turner prize-nominated artist Mark Titchner, mounted on the exterior façade. We also have interior works by Gavin Turk, Mario Testino, a video by Belgian artist Hans ob de Beeck and a jaw-dropping floor to ceiling mural by the hyper trendy artist collective Assume Vivid Astro Focus (AVAF). The Titchner and AVAF works are absolutely original, having been commissioned by citizenM specifically for this hotel and its lucky guests.

  • citizenM easy and fast self check-in service
    • 1

      1. citizenM says: self-check-in service. Just like a normal hotel, minus the queues and fawning staff


      We offer all citizens a self-check-in service using touch screen terminals at our trendy hotel in London. Multilingual citizenM ambassadors are around to assist 24 hours a day.

    • 2

      2. Art


      Art - observe the work of super talented, famous artists that’s scattered around our hotel.

citizenM says: designed around smart, good looking, successful people like yourself

The citizenM lobby has actually been cunningly disguised as contemporary living rooms, furnished with the latest collections of iconic Vitra furniture.

There's a living room for every occasion, whether you want to work, relax, meet friends or browse through the library of design-led books. iMacs are dotted around for work, play and googling, and there's free WiFi throughout the hotel.





minutes to the Millennium Bridge


minutes to the Tate Modern


minutes to Borough Market


minutes to London Bridge

  • citizenM jummy food
    • 1

      1. citizenM says: welcome to our stylish bar and cafe (with London hotel attached)


      Don't hide away in your room. Be sociable instead. canteenM was designed to feel like a cosy, open style kitchen and coffee bar (which magically morphs into a cocktail bar at night), offering delicious baked goods in the morning and light lunches and simple dinners later on. So grab a drink and something to munch on, then take a seat and instagram it.

  • citizenM London Bankside hotel breakfast
    • 1

      1. citizenM says: our coffee turns grumpy sleepyheads into sweet human beings again


      Whether you're the Continental or more of a full-English type, we've got you covered. The English breakfast includes a fresh croissant, orange juice, barista brewed coffee or tea, muesli, yoghurt, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, sausage and perfect, crispy bacon.

  • drinks cocktails at citizenM London
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      1. citizenM says: drink to good health, joy, a pure life, or a dry glass


      In the evening, CanteenM's 24hr bar offers a selection of spirits, cocktails, champagne and fresh draught beer in an upbeat, funky, yet relaxing atmosphere that proves just as popular with the locals as it does with guests.

      canteenM offers carefully selected signature sandwiches, salads, warm dishes and more. As well as an assortment of handpicked beverages including our famous fresh barista made coffee. In the evening, thirsty citizens can enjoy spirits, cocktails, champagne and fresh draught beer in the 24hr bar.

canteenM: a 24/7 pit stop for hungry citizens

A breakfast pit-stop for excellent coffee, pastries, and full belly-busting hot English feasts, or a bar with beer on tap, and champagne and cocktails to order. canteenM is a lunch spot come evening diner for signature sandwiches, warm dishes, ridiculously good cakes and dozens of drinks to quench your thirst.

canteenM is at the heart of citizenM and is surrounded by relaxing living, eating and drinking spaces.

We made our menu especially for mobile citizens – ideal when you have places to go and people to see.
Click here to see what’s cooking at citizenM.


bye boredom

hello meetings with style, inspiration, superstrong Wi-Fi and unlimited coffee


meeting rooms


and all day bookings available


to write on

  • citizenM says come and meet
    • 1

      1. citizenM says: meeting rooms you'll want to meet in


      SocietyM is made for those who aren't bound by offices or office conventions, for nomads who like to do business wherever the connectivity's good and the coffee's fresh. SocietyM has 7 spacious meeting facilities fully equipped with audio-visual equipment, and wipe clean walls for notes, theories, scribbles and brainwaves.

  • citizenM meeting rooms London Bankside hotel
    • 1

      1. citizenM says: a workspace that doesn't look like work


      SocietyM features creative meeting spaces for 2 to 12 people. The larger meeting room can be converted into a theatre-style set-up, comfortably seating up to 30 people. Click here to book a room. Fees include audio-visual equipment, Wi-Fi, chalk, markers, white and blackboard walls and as many pens as you can steal.

  • societyM London hotel meeting rooms
    • 1

      1. Here's what you get


      - Vitra design furniture - Audio-visual equipment - Free Wi-Fi - Chalk, markers, white and blackboard walls - Nespresso coffee - Water - Free pens for pocketing

citizenM says: the better the room, the better the meeting

SocietyM offers inspiring, luxurious, but practical meeting spaces to get the creative juices flowing. We have designer meeting rooms with free Wi-Fi and big Vitra couches for you to present, innovate, motivate, negotiate or simply just read the paper on instead.

SocietyM is found on the first floor of citizenM London Bankside.


work pass

just £15 per day
no membership, no commitment


at the bar on the day


work anytime you want


superfast & unlimited

  • Guest coworking in the hotel lobby of citizenM London

citizenM says: bag your next big idea on the southern bank of the Thames

Brainstorms in Bankside have never been easier (or more stylish). Bring your laptop to London’s best workspace for just £15 per day, with zero commitment and all these perks:

  • anytime working hours
  • superfast unlimited Wi-Fi
  • water with unlimited free refills at the bar
  • meeting room at a discounted hourly rate (if available)
  • b&w printing (just log onto our iMac, but no debut novels please)
  • access to cloudM Tower of London events on the day
  • just walk in and get your day pass at the bar

citizenM London Bankside is just 10 minutes’ walk from Southwark tube station. Need to meet someone? Ask about our creative meeting spaces.



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