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citizenM Seattle South Lake Union hotel

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  • citizenM deluxe room in the hotel in Seattle
    • 1

      1. our beds are built for marathons


      Sleep marathons. Movie marathons. Creative marathons. And any other marathon you can think of. You've got the space (a humongous 2-by-2 meters of if), the extra huggable pillows, and the world's most luxurious duvet, perfect for sharing or enjoying solo.

  • Guest eating a chocolate bar and browsing movies on the in-room tablet at citizenM Seattle
    • 1

      1. tech and comfort got sexy together


      Control the whole room with one swipe of a MoodPad – lights, blinds, movies, wake-up alarms, even the temperature. Oh, and our Wi-Fi? It's superfast, unlimited, and free. In other words, we made it dangerously hard to get out of bed.

  • Rain shower in the hotel room of citizenM Seattle
    • 1

      1. nothing less than Niagara Falls will do


      We're talking rejuvenating, jetlag-busting water pressure, just like the world's most famous waterfall. Mobile citizens need showers as powerful as plane engines, followed by towels as soft as clouds and big as carpets. Now that's refreshing!

  • Guest in the power rain shower at citizenM Seattle
    • 1

      1. nice smelling humans, AM and PM


      Settle down to sleep, sparkle after you wake up – that's the simple philosophy behind our AM and PM shower gels. Both come in full-size bottles (no minis here, citizens!), and turn even the most weary traveller into a nice smelling human again.

citizenM says: everyone gets the best room

Yes, it's true. Every room at citizenM is the best, because every room is the same – smart in size, but big on things that really matter. You'll never pay to sleep on a lumpy old mattress. Our beds are an enormous XL king-size, topped with the world's best pillows and duvets. Our showers are so powerful, they are ready to accept any jetlag challenge. And our TVs are packed with distractions (including streaming capabilities). In other words, every journey ends well in a room at our Seattle hotel.


Seattle South Lake Union hotel




citizenM Seattle South Lake Union hotel
201 Westlake Ave N.
Seattle WA 98109


visit our support pages for our contact details

  • Living room of the citizenM hotel in Seattle
    • 1

      1. live life in Vitra


      Fact: life isn't fun with boring furniture. And since fun is the second most important thing at citizenM's South Lake Union hotel (best sleep of your life is first), we ransacked Vitra's legendary catalogue. The result: wild colour, awesome style, and luxurious comfort. Enjoy.

  • Guest grabbing a book from the shelf in the hotel lobby of citizenM Seattle
    • 1

      1. books at first sight


      We bet something on our shelves will catch your eye. Maybe it's a Vogue photo album, or a Beatles retrospective. Or something about... trains, or burgers? Whatever it is, go ahead and pick it up. It's your living room, after all.

  • Art piece in the lobby at citizenM Seattle
    • 1

      1. art comes to you


      Usually, you have to make an effort to see art. But when you're a mobile citizen always on the go, it's not that easy. So, we bring art to you and we put it in most unexpected places (not just on walls). Staring is encouraged. Selfies too.

  • Guest using the iMac computers in the lobby of citizenM Seattle
    • 1

      1. have fun in bed, do work in the living room


      It's probably what you do at home, right? Feel free to make our living room your temporary office. The superfast free Wi-Fi gives you an unlimited number of spaces to work. And there's a barista not far away, ready to pour another coffee to fuel your ideas.

  • Guests checking in at the citizenM hotel in Seattle
    • 1

      1. it's the final countdown to your room


      You are about to have the quickest check-in of your life – 60 seconds! The only thing that should stand between you and your room is a warm, welcoming smile from one of our ambassadors. No forms, no queues, no questions.

citizenM says: it's not our lobby, it's your living room

Your couches, your artworks. Your TV to channel surf. And your books to read too. How else could we call ourselves your home away from home?





minutes from WSCC


superfast unlimited Wi-Fi


minutes from the Space Needle


minutes from Pike Place Market

  • canteenM bar and restaurant in the citizenM Seattle South Lake Union hotel
    • 1

      1. stuff yourself silly at breakfast


      Is it easy or hard to assemble the perfect breakfast plate from our wonderful morning selection? Well, there's only one way to find out – have a breakfast! Hot and fresh coffee, eggs, bacon and croissants are just the beginning.

  • Guest grabbing food from the vitrines at canteenM in the citizenM Seattle hotel
    • 1

      1. luscious lunch, delectable dinner


      You wouldn't follow your breakfast of champions with nothing, would you? Give your engine some midday or evening fuel from citizenM. Our canteenM has a delish surprise in every corner: hot and cold meals, goodness-packed sandwiches, and something for your sweet tooth too.

  • Ambassador handing a drink to a guest in the citizenM hotel in Seattle
    • 1

      1. raise a toast to a life more mobile


      Or to a day well done. Or a contract signed. We don't think you need a big reason to enjoy one of our legendary cocktails – you just have to want it. Go ahead and ask our mixologists what's good. Prepare to be amazed.

citizenM says: midday to midnight, we quench all thirsts and hungers

Time zones come and go, but your hunger has its own schedule. It's a good thing canteenM is open 24/7, just like your fridge at home. Good, fresh, local food, unusual snacks, killer cocktails... you want it, we serve it. Start your day well, no matter what time it starts.


pitch like CEO

even if you aren't one, in a meeting room that doesn't look like one


meeting rooms


for your devices, post-its for your doodles


and designer furniture in all rooms

  • Meeting room in the citizenM Seattle South Lake Union hotel

citizenM says: have a meeting with yourself, or with 15 colleagues

Ideas flow easily in a space designed for work, but also to inspire. societyM has the perfect balance of both. In fact, calling societyM 'meeting rooms' isn't quite doing them justice. They are creative spaces (with unlimited free coffee, tea, water and superfast Wi-Fi) where one person can work on a life-changing idea, or argue with up to 15 other people. It doesn't matter if you are starting a new company, knitting a sweater, or interviewing a budding rock star. Anything can happen at societyM.