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citizenM Shanghai Hongqiao hotel

hi Shanghai

your new home of affordable luxury is here


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  • Hotel room at citizenM Shanghai Hongqiao
    • 1

      1. very tired travellers love our very big beds


      What do you get when you cross ergonomics, comfort, and the biggest mattress you’ve ever seen? A citizenM bed, of course! It's guaranteed to give you relief from travelling, help ease the jetlag, and be as relaxing as a stroll through Minhang Cultural Park. We’ve got pillows that will hug your head to sleep, and duvets big enough to build a tent. Spread out on that XL king-size mattress and catch some zzz.

  • In-room iPad in the citizenM Shanghai hotel room
    • 1

      1. if you thought Shanghai was a tech hub, just wait until you experience our rooms


      Still wondering why we made our bed in our Shanghai hotel so big? Because it doubles as the mission control centre for your entire room. Once you get in, you’ll never need to get out. Our nifty MoodPad serves as a room remote for the blackout blinds and room temperature, the mood lighting, wake-up sounds, and even the TV. You can even customise your room to look like a neon highway (if that's your thing).

  • Power rain shower in the hotel room of citizenM
    • 1

      1. shower me with compliments


      We love travelling, but there’s nothing more satisfying than a fully pressurised rain shower at the end of the journey. Whether that journey continues to bed, club, dinner or meetings, our shower will turn even the most tired citizen into a clean and nice-smelling human again. And the towels? So huge and fluffy, you'll wish you could wear them to go out.

  • Guest showering in the hotel room of citizenM
    • 1

      1. smell scent-sational any time of day


      Traditional hotels still rely on those silly miniatures in the bathroom, but that’s just not how we do things around here. Our full-size citizen AM and PM shampoo and shower gel is designed to wake you up ready for action, or leave you relaxed and ready for bed. Designed by the sensational nose of Comme des Garçons, Viktor & Rolf, and Helmut Lang among others, it's all about lavish lather for your pleasure.

citizenM says: shop, deal, drop, and sleep like a baby

Whether you begin your long day with shopping, visiting a convention, sight-seeing, or striking a major business deal, you’ll want a place that has all the essentials, in luxury form. See more through our wall-to-wall windows and relax in our soundproof rooms that include:
- XL king-size bed
- luxury linens
- free Wi-Fi
- rain shower
- free full size shampoo and shower gel
- MoodPad room controls
- blackout blinds
- wireless streaming to Smart TV
- stylish Vitra furniture
- a safe for your essentials
- a (proper) hair dryer


Shanghai Hongqiao hotel




citizenM Shanghai Hongqiao hotel
3999-6, Hongxin Road, Minhang District
201103 Shanghai


please visit our support pages for our contact details

directions to hotel here

  • Living room of the citizenM hotel in Shanghai Hongqiao
    • 1

      1. one of Asia’s most luxury cities just got a better living room


      We believe all citizens have a right to affordable luxury, and not just when sleeping. That’s why our lobby is disguised as a living room of a local celebrity, and filled to the brim with cool, colourful designer furniture. Our art and design-covered walls are just begging for selfies, so don’t hesitate! Our superfast free Wi-Fi can handle all your photos.

  • Art pieces in the hotel lobby of citizenM Shanghai
    • 1

      1. you don't need a museum ticket to see great art. It's in our living room.


      Hotel art has earned itself something of a reputation, and not in a good way. Well, this is a reputation we are happy to contradict. We commission site-specific artworks from local artists, and curate each collection to fit the city. Come on over and enjoy Shanghai's finest art collection south of the China Art Museum.

    • 1

      1. our Wi-Fi works as hard as you do


      Our Shanghai Hongqiao hotel invites all citizens to use and abuse our super-fast free Wi-Fi. We’ve even built special workstations were you can plug-in and log-in anytime. You prefer to work on the couch, you say? There are plenty of those here too. Best of all, there's no need to fear the afternoon dip - a barista is always there to perk you up with a swift yet perfect espresso.

  • Self-service check-in kiosks at citizenM's hotel in Shanghai Hongqiao
    • 1

      1. when time is of the essence, there’s no use spending it in line


      We know that form-filling, queueing, small print, and boring chit-chat stand between you and your room, which is why we ditched them altogether! You will find genuinely friendly ambassadors to help with super-speedy check-in to our Shanghai hotel (and even faster check-out). You could be checked-in and ordering your first cocktail within five minutes of walking through our door. How's that for speed?

citizenM says: relax and feel at home in the world’s busiest city

Just because you’re in a city with over 24 million people, it doesn’t mean you need to stress. The amazing living rooms in our hotel in Shanghai are designed for relaxing, so why not grab a book, pick your favourite couch, watch TV, or enjoy the specially commissioned art collection? Citizens on a schedule can grab a quick bite 24/7 and use our free, fast Wi-Fi to plan their trips.





minutes by taxi to Hongqiao Airport


superfast Wi-Fi


minutes by taxi to CaoHeJing Hi-Tech Park


metro stops from Qibao Ancient Town

  • canteenM area in citizenM Shanghai
    • 1

      1. what’s hot and cold and available 24/7?


      Healthy, hearty meals for worldly citizens of course! At canteenM, our body clock ticks along with yours. So whether you want a hot meal in the morning or a snack for lunch, we’ve already got it. We like to take it easy though, so we made canteenM a grab-and-go kind of place. Come over and treat yourself.

  • Breakfast area in the citizenM Shanghai hotel
    • 1

      1. hard to expresso yourself in the morning?


      From iced lattes to scolding hot espressos, our baristas know how to make a caffeinated impression. Once you’ve had your first sip, it’s time to hit the breakfast buffet, featuring a selection of goodies from Asia and Europe. Go for a light and healthy start to the day with fruit and yoghurt, or load up on carbs with noodles or pastries. Whatever you choose, make it count.

  • Cocktail served in the bar of citizenM Shanghai hotel
    • 1

      1. drink to health, happiness and lovely fluffy pillows


      Fancy an aperitif or one for the road? You’ve come to the right place. Our mixologists will happily pour you something straight or on the rocks, but more than anything they love to show off their fancy shaking skills prepping one of our signature cocktails! Scared of a hangover? Cure it before bed with some midnight snacks.

citizenM says: canteenM is like a kitchen at home, but with a live-in chef, mixologist, and barista

Travelling is hungry (and thirsty) work! It’s our mission to keep your refreshed all day and night. Our trained baristas and mixologists will whip up any drink you can think of, so feel free to test their skills. canteenM is our first-floor hangout and features delicious snacks, hot food, and a 24/7 noodle bar.

For mobile citizens in a hurry: here’s our canteenM menu, but beware – we don’t recommend looking at it while hungry. 



meet next

to the MixC complex


meeting rooms


unlimited coffee, tea, water


to write on

  • Creative meeting space in citizenM Shanghai hotel

citizenM says: say hello to your next lightbulb moment

Our societyM meeting spaces can hold up to 16 people (including their wildest ideas). Located in our Shanghai Hongqiao hotel, all 8 of our inspiring rooms are brimming with colour, cutting edge design, unlimited coffee and all the tech gadgets you could dream of. Whether you're closing a deal, practicing your wedding speech, or plotting world domination, we've got room for you (and walls you can write on).