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citizenM Washington Capitol Hotel

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rooftop bar in the clouds


societyM meeting rooms


minute self check-in

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      1. our beds are difficult (to get out of)

      When you get into the famous citizenM bed, expect some difficulty. For example, you'll find it difficult to accept your bed at home isn't as amazing as ours. And in the morning, it will be difficult to leave all that comfort behind. We're sorry in advance. We hope our extra-fluffy pillows (and free movies) make up for it.

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      1. lather, sing, repeat

      We packed true superpowers into your shower – just step in and recharge! You've got the full-size AM and PM shampoo/shower gels in there (miniatures are so last decade), plus the perfect water pressure to make you feel like the world's freshest citizen. Now go ahead and give that ballad your best shot.

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      1. technology that helps you stay in bed

      Who gets to turn off the lights, change the colour of your room, adjust the temperature and lower the blinds... all without sticking a toe out of bed? You do. Let us introduce you to our MoodPad – yours and your room's best friend. It won't polish your shoes yet, but we're working on it.

citizenM says: welcome to a room full of awesome

In a world where an average hotel has seven room types, we've decided to have just one type – an awesome one. It's quite simple, really... we made all the things you need truly amazing (like the bed, the shower and the technology) and we took away the things you don't need (like the pillow chocolates). It's your hotel room... reinvented.


Washington Capitol Hotel




550 School Street SW
20024, Washington DC


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      1. sitting never looked better

      There's a reason why our living room is a riot of colour and art – if you're going to sit, you may as well sit in style. We asked our friends at Vitra for the best of their iconic furniture. We added world-class artworks and superfast free Wi-Fi. And we put a coffee/cocktail bar in the middle of it all. See, sitting really never looked better.

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      1. working 9 to 5?

      What a way to make a living – right in our living room! We designated some work-perfect corners (with free superfast Wi-Fi, of course) for your brainstorming, chart-reading and email-sending, day and night. Let's face it, our beds are just too amazing to work in.

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      1. warning: our one-minute check-in is very fast

      If you booked a room on a high floor, the elevator ride will take longer. We don't want anything to keep you from that incredible bed (or the bar), not even a reception desk. So come in, check in and dive into sleep, fun, work or one of our signature cocktails.

citizenM says: sorry, we have no marble in the lobby... and no lobby


We polled some citizens of the world to find an answer to this question – at a hotel, would they prefer a marble fountain or some seriously plump cushions? The cushions won by a landslide. That's why you get zero marble and no fountain at your citizenM hotel (sorry). Instead, enjoy a living room of your dreams, designed in Amsterdam and packed with iconic Vitra furniture, books you can actually read and newsworthy art. We even added some workspaces – in case you think work should be kept away from the bedroom.





Wi-Fi and movies


minutes to the National Mall


mins to the White House


mins to the Smithsonian

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      1. citizenM breakfast – best thing since you got out of bed

      Hate to leave that incredible bed in the morning? Don't worry – you're about to walk into the next best thing... the canteenM breakfast. Grab what you like from our hot, flaky croissants, healthy yoghurts, eggs, cheeses, fresh juices and much more. Take your time. Repeat tomorrow. Life is good.

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      1. it's no to fast food, yes to fab food served fast

      Our food? It's fab and it's fast – because you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality for speed, ever. Every single dish on our menu has passed our taste test (if we don't love it, we don't serve it) and our speed test (because you've got places to go and people to see). And while you wait... how about a craft cocktail?

citizenM says: hungry citizens refuel here 24/7


Coming to Washington on business? If rushing between meetings leaves no time for the local food and drink joints, do the next best thing – canteenM. We set it up just like your kitchen at home: never closed and always stocked with your fave things. So what will it be – coffee or cocktail? Chocolate or chips? Breakfast or dinner?


put fun

back into meetings


meeting rooms


work fun again


tech, coffee, walls to write on

citizenM says: it's time to break up with boardroom boredom

Beige boardroom, it's time to say goodbye, farewell, aur revoir! Hello societyM – 9 meeting rooms pre-packed with art and inspiration (plus new gadgets like smart TVs and old gadgets like... pens). Extroverts, perfectionists, CEOs and start-up entrepreneurs all welcome for brainstorms big and small.



cocktails in the clouds


floor views


and terrace


to guests and public

citizenM says: elevate your capital experience to the 12th floor


Take a look at the Capitol Building, Washington Monument and the waterfront from a new point of view – ours! We're topping this hotel with a rooftop bar and terrace, fully stocked with designer furniture, art galore and mixologists who love to shake and stir a signature cocktail or three. Mingle, meet, bring someone you want to impress, or just come for a 'wow' moment. Instagrammers looking for unique views – you're welcome.