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  • hotelkamer citizenM Zurich
    • 1

      1. bounce on the best bed in Zurich


      You probably miss one thing a lot while you travel: your own bed. We'd like to present a very lovely alternative: our bed. It's got an XL king-size mattress fit for royalty, dreamy pillows and frothy duvets. Sleep well, mobile citizen.

  • Guest doing yoga in the hotel room at citizenM Zurich
    • 1

      1. every curve designed to perfection


      Everything you need, nothing you don't – it's your perfectly designed citizenM room, in a nutshell. And no, you don't have to be a bendy pretzel to get around it. Unless, of course, you want to. Go ahead, do your best half moon pose.

  • Power rain shower in the citizenM hotelroom
    • 1

      1. take a shower and go, go, go


      The power rain shower in your room is the second best thing after the bed (we think). It's spacious enough to have a big stretch, and powerful enough to make you forget the hours you've travelled.

  • Guest using the shower gel and shampoo at citizenM Zurich
    • 1

      1. smell great from your nose to your toes


      We asked one of the most famous noses in the world, Alessandro Gualtieri, to share a bit of his genius with citizenM. The result – AM and PM shower gels, in sleek full-size bottles (no miniatures here). Expect love at first shower.

  • In-room tablet on the desk at the citizenM Zurich hotel room
    • 1

      1. mood: stay in bed


      Staying in bed is a wonderful thing, especially when you don't have to get out to close the blinds, turn up the heat, or switch off the lights. Yes, you can do all this with a MoodPad in your hand. Did we mention it changes TV channels too?

citizenM says: we found a direct link between a great night's sleep and seeing more of Zurich

It's quite simple: in a city of big sights and big business, you need big sleeps. You also need a luxurious power shower, and enough entertainment to fill any free time you have left (if that's even possible in Zurich).


Zurich hotel




citizenM Zurich hotel
42 Talacker
8001 Zurich


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  • livingroom citizenM Zurich
    • 1

      1. where's your perfect spot?


      At our hotel in Zurich, we hope its everywhere. If you're in the mood to chat and sip a cocktail, sit at canteenM. To hang out with friends or read one of our books, find your favourite couch. Work? That happens – we designated a quieter area for that too.

  • livingroom citizenM Zurich
    • 1

      1. designed for sitting, not looking


      Designer furniture often comes with 'look but don't touch' warning. Not at citizenM! Our friends at Vitra let us pick the coolest, comfiest, sleekest couches, tables, armchairs and bookshelves for the living room. See (and sit) for yourself.

  • free use of iMacs at citizenM Zurich
    • 1

      1. work? it happens


      And when it does, you probably don't want to do it in your bedroom. Bring your laptop (notebook, dictaphone, easel...) to the living room, where we set aside a quieter area to work. Of course, you can sprawl on any couch too.

  • Guest creating a room key at the check-in at citizenM Zurich
    • 1

      1. enter and pause for a minute


      You just need a minute to check in to our Zurich hotel and get your room key. We don't have a reception desk (with or without a queue) to stop you from going to your room. And if that's not quick enough, check in online. It's even faster.

citizenM says: staying in your room is only one option. Lounging in the living room is the other.

A big empty lobby is just... big and empty. We decided to make ours into the most buzzing place in the hotel (at least). Put up your feet, grab a book, or flip through the TV channels all you want. It's your home too.





minutes' walk to Zurich Central Station


Wi-Fi and movies


minutes by tram to Bahnhofplatz


minutes by train to Zurich Airport

  • canteenM Zurich for breakfast buffet
    • 1

      1. all you need is love... and breakfast


      You won't have a bad day if you dine like royalty in the morning. So, we made our breakfast simple yet truly indulgent. Fill your plate with delicious hot and cold options, and trust us when we say, our coffee is the stuff of legends.

  • Guest having lunch at citizenM Zurich
    • 1

      1. eat in, it's great


      In a city like Zurich, your lunch and dinner could be anything you like... except sometimes, there just isn't time to go out. It's alright! We may not have a restaurant, but we do have a small but great lunch and dinner menu. Eat in with us.

  • Cocktails being prepared in citizenM's hotel in Zurich
    • 1

      1. classic or crazy cocktails


      We love the idea of 'happy hour', but why limit it to just an hour? Whenever you're in the mood for cocktail, just ask for it. Or a glass of wine... or a flute of champagne... you don't even need a reason. Just toast to the fact you're in Zurich.

citizenM says: this is a 24/7 source of happiness for mobile citizens

That's because mobile citizens arrive and leave 24/7, and we are here to feed them no matter what time zone they come from (or depart for). A big fresh selection of local favourites is always waiting at canteenM. Don't worry about the time, just enjoy!

White-glove waiter service? No. Great food served fast? Yes! See our delish menu for mobile citizens here.



meeting? fun?

yes, it's time you had one - with designer furniture, art, tech and bottomless coffee


meeting rooms


online booking in just 5 clicks


for your devices, stationery for your ideas

  • meeting room at societyM Zurich

citizenM says: creative meeting space for ideas more sparkling than Lake Zurich

Say ‘Grüezi’ to societyM; creative meeting spaces for Zurich’s brightest sparks - whether you need to nail a presentation, practice a speech or host the summer’s most heated debate. We have 5 meeting rooms for up to 12 of your luckiest workmates, brimming with all the tech essentials you could ever need - including Apple Wireless and shiny smart TVs. There are walls to write (or doodle) on, lightning-fast free Wi-Fi, tonnes of natural daylight and enough coffee to keep you sharp cocktail hour.