Vince Ballentine

Artist Vince Ballentine has been a mainstay in the American hip hop scene his whole life. Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, Vince has been heavily involved in both rap and graffiti for years.

From letter and character work to digital design, Vince's large body of work shows how truly versatile he is. Due to his ability to render portraits beautifully, Vince was the ideal candidate to paint the true New Yorker, Rosario Dawson. After his famed Tribe Call Quest wall in Brooklyn last year, MoSA knew he would be the right artist to tackle the enormity of the project.

Vince painted at 5 Pointz upon moving to New York. It was there that he got the taste for legal murals, taking his time to push his craft and explore techniques. Since then, his work has continued to grow exponentially and 5 Pointz creates is always excited to see what he'll do next.

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MoSA opens fall 2018.

The first photo-op is the outdoor 5,000-square-foot mural by Meres One, featuring letters culled from the original 5 Pointz landmark.

Make no mistake: this is much more than a tourist attraction. Urban historians, street art buffs, Instagram thrillseekers – and of course, our guests, friends and neighbors – will all find something to admire at the MoSA.

Bookings open fall 2018.

(Photography Credits:Rae Maxwell for MoSA)

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